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Also Available: “Ocean”


1. Get You Back

2. Ocean

3. Goodbye

4. Don’t Be Alone

5. Butterfly

6. Candle (Song for Amy)

7. Seasons

8. Night Air

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Also Available: “Land”


1. Ocean Part II

2. Monday

3. Sun Rising On You

4. Motion

5. We’re All Safe

6. Where it Comes From

7. Land Trilogy

    a. Land

    b. Toil

    c. Joy

The entire Uncut EP is free for a limited time.  Get yours now and tell other folks about it so they can get theirs free as well.  Thanks.


Available Now:

  1. 1.Where It Comes From

  2. 2.Come

  3. 3.Uncut

  4. 4.James