Where It Comes From (Julian Michael)

In this world, we take we hold we build we break

We die to work without a gain, alone

We all just hate the light

Should there have been a better way

I know I’d give my soul my life in every way

To follow, I trust it’ll come in time

Where it comes from, where it goes

I’ve a heart for it, but I don’t know

What’s this feeling? Is it a sign?

But I find rest when I close my eyes

Transformation fills my lungs

The very breath I breathe is not my own, alive

But it isn’t quite enough

With all the blessings in my life

I know I’m not worth half the time

Decide, I must be faithful

Come (Julian Michael)

Every step we take just points us backwards

Falling like a house of cards is all we know

And all that I’m longing for, all that I’m counting on

All that I’m looking for, wasn’t in me

Every step we take

I’m so sick, I’m so sick of myself, I’m so sick

I can’t speak for myself, I’m not well

And the damage is beginning to tell

Cause you’re revealing all the cracks in my shell

Come wanderers, all who feel undone

There’s hope for you, Don’t just carry on

Is it all in my head I can’t tell

While you’re revealing all the cracks in my shell

Uncut (Julian Michael)

Weighed on us

Weighed down on us

My eyes are open, sifted, broken

The cipher then gets lost, and it’s spoken in their minds

The teachers teach the thought, but their gift is with lies

James (Julian Michael)

The cancer within me is spreading

I’ve got a case of humanity

I feel my days are fading

I fear that I am splitting

But you, won’t let me falter

And you won’t let me fall away

And you won’t let me crumble

I will trust in you

Frustrated my heart’s rewired

Cause it seems to have taken too much time

The only doubt is the doubt

Is the doubt that I have in myself

To man up and be who you want me to be

Son of God, Love’s pure light

Jesus Christ, Love’s sacrifice

Can I make sense of the trust that you’re putting me

I begin to feel

Could I be, could I be free?